Yellow Switch Palace
Yellow Switch Palace
Yellow Switch Palace (in the circle) in the World Map.
World location World 6
Previous level The Future of UFO's

 Yellow Switch Palace (黄色スイッチ宮殿 Kiiro suitchi kyūden) is the last Switch Palace in Brutal Mario . Like the other switch palaces, it contains a simple block puzzle. 

The LevelEdit

The level is a puzzle, when switched, all the boxes with yellow outlines will become yellow boxes. It can NEVER be unswitched if switched already. Yellow Switch Palace is also the most northern level of World 6. This is the last switch palace introduced in the game.

Puzzle SolutionEdit

Hit block # 3 first, and finally block # 2. Proceed to the pipe and hit the switch.


This level uses the Switch Palace graphics from Super Mario World.


The music used is "Switch Palace" from Super Mario World.

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