Where is This?
Where is This
Where is This? (in the circle) in the World Map.
World location World 5
Previous level Chomp Chomp Panic 1
Next level Castle Crush

 Where is This? (これはどこですか? Kore wa dokodesu ka?) is the eighth level of World 5. A Super Mario Bros. 3 reference level, this is the level after Chomp Chomp Panic 1.

The level has no secret exit.

The LevelEdit

This level is completely like a Super Mario Bros. 3 level. From the enemy sprites to the background tiles. Also, this level follows a Super Mario Bros. 3 custom. It won't let you scroll backwards. This level resembles three levels in Super Mario Bros. 3 and the boss arena of a custom Bowser.

Dragon CoinsEdit

There are no Dragon Coins in this level.


  1. Goomba
  2. Green Koopa
  3. Piranha Plant
  4. Green Paratroopa
  5. Hammer Bro.
  6. Bullet Bill


False Bowser

False Bowser is the boss in this level. He sits on the bridge spitting fireballs and tossing hammers, as well as leaping into the air. Mario must grab the ax on the opposite side of the bridge causing the bridge to collapse and Bowser to fall into the lava.


The tiles and graphics were mostly taken from Super Mario Bros. 3. Some Super Mario World tiles also appear in this level.


Super Mario World's "Piano", "Here we Go!", and "Cave Drums" are played in this level.

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