World Map

World Map of Brutal Mario

The world map of Brutal Mario consists of 11 worlds, namely :

  • Bay (World 3)
  • Sky (World 6)


For the Overworld, it consists of a waterfall, a forest, a grassland, a mountain, a sea, and a snowy peak.

For submaps, the smaller ones, consists of a cave, a sky, Luigi's World, the Star World and a Special World.

All worlds together form 96 available exits & secret exits.


The overworld from Brutal Mario is nothing special as it contains no ExGFX or custom sprites and a few ASM. This overworld features 10 normal worlds: a grassland, a forest, a sea, a cave, a mountain, the sky, an icy world, and Bowser's world. There are also two secret worlds: one of them is similar to the Star World from Super Mario World as it can only be accesed with warp stars located on every world, in this world all levels have two exits, the normal exit will open a path to the next level and the secret exit will open the way back. The other secret world is a dark land with that uses Super Mario Bros. 3 overworld skulls as level tiles, only two levels from this world is accessible in the latest demo, so there's no much information about it, however, it looks like Luigi has a castle in this world for some reason.

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