Skies, Beach, Sun
Skies, Beach, Sun
Skies, Beach, Sun (in the circle) in the World Map.
World location World 5
Previous level Fort of Gravity
Next level Rickety Race

 Skies, Beach, Sun (空、ビーチ、サン Sora, bīchi, san) is the fifth level of World 5 . A mountain themed level, this is the level after Fort of Gravity

The level has no secret exit

The LevelEdit

The level is fairly easy until you reach the Midway Point. An angry sun will come up and attempts to hit you. But keep going until you reach the goal. This level is a reference of a level in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Dragon CoinsEdit

Dragon Coin 1Edit

Right next to a gray pipe, very hard to miss.

Dragon Coin 2Edit

Next to a Dino Rhino.

Dragon Coin 3Edit

Above a quicksand and guarded by a Dino-Torch.

Dragon Coin 4Edit

At the lowest section of boxes.

Dragon Coin 5Edit

Right before the goal.


  1. Dino Rhino
  2. Dino-Torch
  3. Piranha Plant
  4. Sun


Skies, Beach, Sun uses graphics from the All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3 as well as the Piranha Plant's graphics.


Super Mario World's "Here we Go!" is played throughout the level.

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