Maze Cave 1
4 - 7

Japanese Name:

Meiro Dōkutsu 1



Previous Level:

Squawks Ride

Next Level:

Iggy the Crazy (Normal Exit)
Cave Star (Secret Exit)

Alternate Level:








Power-Ups & Items:

Fire Flower


300 seconds

Maze Cave 1 (めいろどうくつ1 / Meiro Dōkutsu 1 Lit: Maze Cave 1) is the seventh level of the Cave world. A cave level, where Mario tries to find his way through the endless maze.

This is the tenth level to have a secret exit, with the normal exit leading to Iggy the Crazy, while the secret exit leads to Cave Star.

Maze Cave 1

Maze Cave 1 (in the circle) in the world map.

The LevelEdit

The level is truly confusing, ranging from various paths to various choices. Make a wrong move and you will have to start again from the room you made the mistake.  Various holes make you decide which path to choose. To defeat this level, you must reach the goal which is a goal point question sphere or the secret exit.

Secret ExitEdit

Do everything in the normal exit until you reach the room with two paths, DO NOT GO EITHER ONE OF THEM. Instead, go back to the door and as quick as you can, go under the ledge before the box covers it. The path proceeds back to the first room, as soon as you fall, push the box immediately to the far right of the room. DO NOT LET IT FALL. Leave the box there, then use the box to jump and proceed to the secret exit.

Demos it appears in:Edit

  • Demo 6
  • Demo 7
  • Demo 7.5
  • demoOnly1 (unplayable)

Dragon CoinsEdit

The level has no Dragon Coins.


The level has no enemies.


The level uses tiles and graphics from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


In Demo 6 & 7Edit

"Ghost House" from Super Mario World is played throughout the level.

In Demo 7.5 & demoOnly1Edit

"Horrible Shadow" from Romancing SaGa is played throughout the level.