Fort of Gravity
5 - 2

Japanese Name:

Jūryoku no Toride



Previous Level:

Dread Homing Bill

Next Level:

Skies, Beach, Sun
(Normal Exit in Demo 7)
Chomp Chomp Panic 1
(Normal Exit in Demo 7.5 onward)
Four-Room House (Secret Exit)

Alternate Level:



There are On/Off switches that make Mario jump very low or very high.

There are On/Off switches that activate the ring belts which flips gravity on Mario.


Ball 'n' Chain, Bony Beetle, Thwomp, Dry Bones, Thwimp


Dumb Drum, Pumpkin Bombs

Power-Ups & Items:

Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Cape Feather


550 seconds

500 seconds
- when challenging Dumb Drum

333 seconds
- when challenging Pumpkin Bombs

Fort of Gravity (じゅうりょくのとりで / Jūryoku no Toride Lit: Fort of Gravity) is the second level of the Plains world. This is also the first fort introduced in the world.

This is the eleventh level to have a secret exit, with the normal exit leading to Chomp Chomp Panic 1 (Skies, Beach, Sun in Demo 7), while the secret exit leads to Four-Room House.

The LevelEdit


Fort of Gravity (in the circle) in the world map.

The level is really challenging because in this level, you can only jump a few meters high. However, if you press the On/Off Switch button, you will jump very high. At the end of the first room, there's a Midway Point, a door leading to the next room, and a red door. At the next room, it is very puzzling. There are various obstacles, and various times to press the On/Off Switches. Then you encounter a belt ring, which leaves you upside down which leads you to the bosses. 

Secret ExitEdit

Do everything in the normal exit until you reach the room where the 2 boss doors are located. Leave the switch Off when you're upside down, so you can't battle Dumb Drum. Instead, you will battle the Pumpkin Bombs, which will trigger the secret exit if you defeat them.

Demos it appears in:Edit

  • Demo 6
  • Demo 6.5
  • Demo 7

Dragon CoinsEdit


The Dragon Coins.

All Dragon Coins appear before the boss arena of Dumb Drum.


  • Ball 'n' Chain
  • Bony Beetle
  • Thwomp
  • Dry Bones
  • Thwimp


Dumb DrumEdit

Dumb Drum is a boss in this level. He releases 2 enemies now and then. To defeat him, just avoid his attacks, eventually he'll get angry and fly off.

Pumpkin BombsEdit

The Pumpkin Bombs, also known as Grenade Bombs are the other bosses in this level. If you defeat them, you'll access the secret exit. To defeat them, you must destroy both of them at the same time. If you destroy only one, and let the other one fly by, the former will respawn. Remember, each Grenade Bomb has 3 hit points.


The foreground uses graphics from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, while the background is from Mega Man 7. In the Dumb Drum boss room, the foreground and background are from Donkey Kong Country. Dumb Drum is from Donkey Kong Country while the Pumpkin Bombs are from Seiken Densetsu 3, originally being a spell and enemy attack.


"Castle" from Super Mario World  is played throughout the level.

Custom MusicEdit

"Dr. Cossack's Stage 1" from Mega Man 4 is played throughout the level.

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