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Carol - also known as "Carol0151" on Youtube and "Dragon" or "Dragon151" on Xera, his/her Email site - is a Japanese hacker who created Brutal Mario (Super Kitiku Mario), the most popular ZSNES hacked ROM.

Life :Edit


He/She lives in Tokyo, Japan, the most populous city in the world.


He/She is very secretive about his/her gender, somewhat assumed to be female because of his/her name. When asked what gender his/her is, he/she always responded: "My father is male, and my mother is female." However, it is most widely assumed that he/she is male, as with the large interest in hacking with that gender. Despite this, there was one user on YouTube who wondered if the supposed female version was "hot".


The only languages that Carol uses in the Internet is Japanese or English. As of 2013, his/her English has been improving, being seen in the Internet and in demoOnly1.

Legacy :Edit

He/She is considered to some extent to be a god of ASM, although his/her skill is moderate and he/she lacks even the basic knowledge to rename and lock the ROM file. He/She is assumed to have acumulated most of knowledge from SMW Central, even addmitting that Brutal Mario took so long to develop because of the time it takes to reinstall all of the custom sprites with SpriteTool. In essence, he/she is apparently heavily criticized for his/her frequently suggested, but only true for the first few horrible level design. Most of his/her fame possibly comes from the following feats, (including Brutal Mario) :

  • The development of Carol's Addmusic, the first Addmusic device submitted to SMW Central. It contained all of the SPC files in the cheep.demo, but it was deleted from the site. There are two alternate links for the file, one is on his/her account on Xera, which is missing the SPC, but has everything else, and the second link is in a user's files on SMW Central who will remain anonymous. It is possible that the whole of Brutal Mario was made to promote Addmusic, much as "Super Demo World" and "Super Demo World: The Legend Continues" were made to promote Lunar Magic.
  • His/Her ASM skills that were highly advanced in a time before most of the custom sprite software surfaced. Many continue to marvel at his/her creativity, diligence, and skill.
  • His/Her contributions to the infamous "VIP", "Alaska", and "Wall series", dubbed as "VIP Mario". It is somewhat obsucured by Brutal Mario, and it even lacks a page on the SMWiki. The VIP Mario series originated on "2-Chan", the Japanese blog similar to "4-Chan", which was the original one. The series of hacks is very similar to Brutal and "Kaizo Mario" in difficulty, and it's graphics have a distinctive ASCII style, confirming Carol's deep involvement in the art type. The hacks revolves around a central character, 'Boon', who is an ASCII verion of Mario with him battling various cat-faced enemies. The most popular hack in the series is 'VIP Mario 4'.